About Our Studio

4572978-una-foto-de-un-ni-o-asi-tico-tocando-el-pianoNorth Potomac School of Music located in Rockville, Maryland offers private piano lessons and violin, viola and cello lessons. We are dedicated to providing a high-quality, broadly-based musical education for each and every student. Our faculty has been carefully selected to offer you the finest instruction in violin, viola, cello and piano. We have a standard curriculum of study for each instrument. The teachers design a custom course of study, within curriculum standards, around the needs of each individual student. The curriculum includes private piano and violin lessons consisting of technical work, repertoire and weekly theory assignments. Pianists are also required to study the practical keyboard skills of harmonization and transposition.

Our Mission:

  • To provide a high quality musical education for all our students; to offer them instructions not only on their instruments, but to illuminate the area of music theory, music history, and the etiquette of performance.
  • To provide a warm, collegial environment for our instructors to work in and to provide mentoring and supportive professional assistance for our teachers.
  • To provide general musical information and education for parents, students and friends of North Potomac School of Music , in the hope of creating more support both for our school and for the larger arts that exist in the Washington Area.

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